In addition to your brand's identity, and partnering with us for marketing campaigns check out these local business resources that will help your business evolve and elevate.


Once you have your genius ideas ready to go you might need to know what are the first steps to building a business. Starting blocks is a great website/program that combines things like a start-up guide, funding, and more.


Did you know the Tennessee Small Business Development Center offers free virtual and in-person advising? Well, you know NOW! Click the free advisor's button to schedule a day and time to meet with a mentor/advisor that can help your business evolve and elevate!

Business Plan

Without a plan, you plan to FAIL! Here at Marcherie Jamene Marketing, we're dedicated to helping small businesses grow. With that a mind we understand that a business plan helps allow you to be able to apply for grants, loans, and more! It also helps you understand your goals, and once you're building your team it can be much smoother getting them onboard with your team. Click the Business Plan button below to learn more about how to create your business plan.


Bootstrapping doesn't work for all business models. There are many resources that are available for you! Click the get funding button to learn more!


Building meaningful relationships within your community is another way to help your business evolve and elevate. Remember, you're only one call away from your life-changing business deal but if you're not out making meaningful connections how will they consider you? 


Many people have already been in business for about a year and now could use some office space or even some space to create their products. The Incubator is our top recommendation for office space and manufacturing space. Not only are the location in a prime location (downtown Chattanooga) but they also host a community that helps the businesses within this building evolve and elevate! Click the workspace button for more information about becoming a member of their small business program.

Accounting HELP

Here are a few free pages of helpful accounting information from Yolanda (One of Our Spring Cleaning Podcast Guest)